The Best Quick Tips to Avoid Rambling and Unnecessary lengthiness

What is it about all those blogs, newspaper articles, and sometimes books that just go on and on and on? Why can’t writers get it down to two paragraphs instead of four or one page instead of three? Now don’t get me wrong, there are many times when there is more content needed to get the point or story across. I am not saying that every long blog post or newspaper article is unnecessary and should be shortened. What I am saying is that very often I read articles that just pull on the little hair that I have. By the end of the article, I often tell myself, “That was a decent read, but WOW that was excessively long!” If it had been more exciting or the point was given in fewer words, then it might have been a great read. Other times I will read an article and I can’t even finish it because it’s just filled with rambling. I’d love to get to the point of the article, but it is just so congested that I give up.

Again, I want everyone to know that there is nothing wrong with a long article. What I would like everyone to get out of this is that if it can be said in fewer words…make it happen. If the content within your article does not relate to what you are trying to explain, then get rid of it. If it needs to be a long article, do something to keep your readers interested.

Here are some quick tips to avoid rambling and unnecessary lengthiness:

Reread what you just wrote. I mean REALLYYY read it. Go through your article and ask yourself whether or not what you wrote made sense or if it really adds value to the article.

It’s okay to ramble. I often find myself rambling in an article and I make myself go back and I realize that information is really not adding value to this post. BUT. Here’s a big but. Many times the rambling that I discover makes a great article. In essence, I have created another article within the one I was just writing. That’s magic right there.

Would you want to read all that? Ask yourself if what you just wrote is really going to keep your reader interested. That is the big issue with long articles. It is easy to lose interest. Make sure your keeping your reader interested throughout the article.

Have someone proofread it. If you’re not sure of an article, ask someone in your circle to read it before publication. Before I start rambling, I am going to end it right here because I think I got my point across with some solid tips. What do you think? Can you admit to suffering from Dragged Out Article Syndrome?