4 reglas basicas de apostadores profesionales en apuestas deportivas

How to be a professional gambler in sports betting? the first thing that characterizes a professional gambler of an amateur It is that a large part of the income is earned by sports betting also, a real professional player, will be involved with betting opportunities in many sports he is not worried about if like enjoy playing or watching a particular sport after all, a professional bettor is looking for those golden nuggets in which bookmakers have made a mistake in assessment a sporting event. could be: Tenis, soccer, horses racing and Billiards the sports investor does not care that sport is Anyway, the professional gambler always looking for opportunities in sports betting that have better knowledge of the teams. however, anyone who is willing to make a living through placing bets You will have to focus on these four key areas if you want to succeed discipline, game plan, fund management, selection of betting I’ll take a little more time to explain each of these areas more thoroughly… First, I will talk about the discipline. Discipline is what is needed to make your bet seriously Disciplined people treat it like a real business to monetize… this means: keep track all your bets… be faithful to a strategy… Keep your emotions selections… Do not chase losses… You know… all the things you’ve heard a million times One last warning!

The thing is that if you do not adopt a professional attitude in your bets you can not say you’re a professional gambler. If you do not take seriously your source of income, then you are nothing more than another amateur bettor And trust me… The sportsbook will end up having all your income. any sports investor, admits that suffers a losing streak, occasionally.

but nevertheless… the professional, rarely loses its entire betting bank because, they keep their discipline that is what has led to success and profits in the past. So, they continue to adopt the same strategies until they come into a winning streak or an improvement in the results Now, I will talk about the game plan usually I tend to take the risk of not playing more than 1% of my bank in any selection that do The relatively low stakes allow me to keep my discipline since even in a long losing streak will have little impact on my global reserves Do you remember what I said about betting without emotion? So, how it is possible to select good play opportunities to invest in a few moments, I will discuss the funds management The most common question here is: How big should be my betting bank? well… This is personal for every sports investor But whatever the size of your bankroll, you should always start with a sum that can afford to lose I know you’ve heard this a thousand times no matter if you start with just $50 as long as, if things do not go well, this will not leave you in misery. you have to look your betting bank, as the capitalization of the new professional game business treat your betting bank as your business funds and with the same respect and discipline as in a conventional business and these halfway to succeed finally, I will talk about the bet selection most people… and by that I mean, more than 90% of gamblers who lose money They tend to get their attention on how to make profitable choices regardless of the discipline and betting bank The 3 areas are equally important eliminates any of these and probably your dream to make a living betting will collapse but, if you dont have a solid selection method able to follow rigidly, meaning through periods of losses as well as profits Also, you have to have the discipline to comply with the game plan then, in this case, there must be long-term benefits on your investments You might not have your own system or maybe, you do not have the time to study and make selections in this case… You can follow the services of an informant Finding the right informant, it is a topic you have to do on your own and we do not have the time to do justice here but nevertheless in the description of this video you will find a link to an article where I show some of the informants I’ve tried and do their job to make selections also, the most important factor placing bets and this is most often what can not be overlooked It is to get a good price on each bet, however small, always and always say, I look for value… if you do not find value then, the truth is that it is better to play only for bets that can maintain you in the long run if you want more videos like this I suggest you subscribe to my channel and you help me, giving me like the video if this help you bring something See you in another video see you soon